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What Is Thrive?

The THRIVE Experience is a premium lifestyle system, to help you experience peak physical and mental levels. 1-2-3 premium products taken every morning, that have changed millions of lives...

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The THRIVE Experience is for anybody and every BODY. No matter how in shape, out of shape, healthy, or not healthy you might be, the THRIVE Experience is for YOU!

The THRIVE Experience is a premium daily lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. You're going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before! Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can differ slightly from person to person, depending on your goals, and which areas of your lifestyle need the most help. The THRIVE Experience will get you THRIVIN in all areas of your life! Individuals on the Experience will enjoy premium support and benefits. THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that's hard to explain, and challenging to describe... it's something that can only be experienced.

I was so chipper (on day 3) I woke up like a Disney princess, threw open the curtains, and Sang "ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY OUTSIDE!!!!".  It was amazing! I was excited for my day, I had loads of energy! I WAS HAPPY! The general discomfort in my back was calm, my stomach wasn't bloated, my kids weren't driving me crazy first thing because they were being kids, I had patience and understanding and was able to clearly think and process how I felt! And THAT was incredible!



I'm 47 years old, I own a mortgage broker business, I am a mother of two amazing boys 15 and 20.  Hello energy! BOOM, my energy shot through the roof. My energy was sustained throughout the day that was the big difference, I felt like my head was clearer, more focused and just felt like I had some extra pep in my step.

Emma Brown


I’m a new person. Honestly. It's saving me money, no more Starbucks or bad food. There’s NO meal plan, no strict diet, no meal prepping. As a wife, mom, small business owner, and softball coach I needed something to change. My general body aches and generalized headaches have calmed. That in itself is worth the money and time I have invested into this program. FINALLY- I have what I need to put me on the right track.



Here I am embracing age 64, thanks to the Thrive Experience! Thrive has truly given me the drive, mental clarity, confidence, and energy to push through and adapt to the changes occurring in my life.



What do I love the most? The simplicity for sure... perfect for the busy Mom Life! And even though I took supplements my entire adult life, Thrive is the first time I actually noticed a difference. Balanced energy and great sleeps... ummmmm YES! FIVE years!!! I feel better in my 50s than I did in my 20s, and I'm never looking back!"



Since starting Thrive in January..., I've lost a total of 65 lbs & went from a size 18 to a size 8!! Crazy I know!! Thrive helped me get healthy, make necessary lifestyle changes, and completely transform my body. I am the happiest with my body that I’ve been in 10+ years. I'm productive, motivated, and have more energy now than I did in my 20s!



Since May 13, 2017, I’ve been a Thriver, and yes, it has hands down changed my life. Physically and mentally, I’m in the best shape of my life. I look and feel better at (almost) 43 than I ever did in my 30s. I’m the happiest, healthiest version of myself and it’s only getting better!



On day one I knew that I had made a life changing decision!! I felt absolutely incredible!! I walked out of the house to go to work that day and felt so good that I forgot the 3 energy drinks that I would normally have put in my lunchbox... I haven't touched an energy drink since! I have so much good clean energy throughout the entire day that my normal 12 hour shift is a breeze!! I have plenty of energy and drive to have an amazing workout and STILL have enough left to play with my sons!!!