About Me

This is just the tip of the spear where I share my struggles, growth and the results I’m getting out of life.  We'll talk about navigating life after weight loss surgery, designing a life on your own terms and share tips and tricks, and behind-the-scenes snapshots of my crazy, wonderful life.

I'm a digital marketer, cowgirl, self-educated, health & fitness conscious food lover and stroke survivor, living an inspired life 18 years post gastric bypass!

I’m a Mom to an adult son, passionate about horses, life, travel, outdoors, food, fitness, business and making life more about experiences and living it with intention!  

I asked my friends and family to describe my character and they described me as kind, courteous, friendly, genuine, caring, thoughtful, strong warrior, survivor, resilient, determined, risk-taker, motivated, courageous, honest, dependable, inspiring, mentor, spirited and energetic. WOW!

See that? I’m not just ONE thing, and I can bet that neither are you!

This is my story. A story that I honestly never dreamt anyone would want to hear.  Little by little, people have asked me to share my journey. If sharing my story can help others, then it’s worth it.  I'm not perfect. I don't have it figured out. I struggle. But I believe my struggles can save you from yours.

I'll be sharing my personal journey through obesity, gastric bypass, food addiction, two strokes, a hysterectomy, divorce, hemorrhaging ulcers, malnourishment and the gastric bypass reversal which resulted in me gaining an excessive amount of weight back after maintaining my results for 11 years.

My Story