I'm a digital marketer,  cowgirl, self-educated, health & fitness conscious food lover and stroke survivor, living an inspired life 18 years post gastric bypass! 


I want to help you
build that bridge between
the dream life that you put on the shelf…
and you living it out fully and inspired  starting...
well, NOW!

Ya wanna know what lights me up?

To help others own their awesome and do what they love every darn day!  Making people feel, own, and celebrate their enough-ness!

When we find the confidence to live boldly, our truest and best qualities are amplified! Those are the ones that bring you to your true calling. One decision multiplied by time and dedication can catapult you into a whole new amazing life! I hope you find your hidden potential and true passion for life in your own journey, like I have!

With 18 years of life experience after gastric bypass, I want to help you chase your dreams and redefine life after weight loss surgery! Join me for all things life, mindset, food, fitness and overcoming setbacks. Let's dig in together and start tackling your biggest goals along the way!

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